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Brand Story

The exploration of HOMBENE began in the late Qing Dynasty, when Lin’s grandfather sold Chinese pottery in Singapore and was widely acclaimed.

In the early 1980s, Lin’s father worked in a local state-owned ceramic factory. A few years later, he decided to inherit and expand the family ceramic business.

In 2009,our professional household and hotel porcelain factory was founded in Chaozhou, China, mainly to produce white durable porcelain.

Influenced by the deep ceramic culture passed down from the old generations, based on the profound awareness of the daily ceramics market, through the establishment of long term business relationship with the world’s top brands, we realized the importance to make something unique and different from others. We determined to subvert the traditional definition of white porcelain tableware.

porcelain dinnerware
porcelain dinnerware
We believe white porcelain must be emphasized not only for its functionality and practicality.
  • We believe white porcelain must be emphasized not only for its functionality and practicality.
  • It should also be unique, like a distinctive artwork, different from others.
  • It can also looks tasty, like a dish of Lasagna - delicious and appetizing.
  • It should also be expressive, like an angel to express and transmit truth, virtue and beauty.
Designs inspired by the living, HOMBENE products are conveying the themes of love, warmth and happiness.
  • We celebrate the good harvest and thanksgiving.
  • We are grateful to the earth for the unselfish contribution.
  • We advocate a green and healthy lifestyle.
  • We praise the romance of roses, the great love of our mothers and our sweet home.
  • We praise intimate friends and friendship - the greatest gift of life.

We believe that there is no conflict between trendy and classics, trendy products should be popular for a longer time, high-end products should be affordable for all. This is one of HOMBENE's long-term corporate visions.

Production Base

Our factory covers a total area of 12000 square meters, includes 10000 square meters of workshops, has 140 skilled workers and 20 experienced technicians. Based on our strong production force and the introduction of the most advanced efficient production machinery & equipment and the excellent production process, clay adding a higher proportion of aluminum powder and firing with higher temperature making our products more durable, elegant and of superior quality.

Taking more than some thousands of items, with wide range of shapes and patterns meet to different demanding clientsโ€™ need. We work with many famous brands worldwide.
Both OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Our factory is well organized. We deal with BSCI, SGS and other Laboratories appointed by our clients.

porcelain dinnerware
porcelain dinnerware
Quality Certification


Welcome to visit our showroom in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China. Our showroom is located very close to Chaoshan Railway Station and Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport.

Corporate Vision

To produce high quality, low cost, unique, practical and functional ceramics for customers all around the world, according to the needs of our valued customers.

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